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    Build your own stuff at Open Space Aarhus

    Open Space Aarhus is a hackerspace where you can build whatever you want, basically. The concept started in USA and has now migrated to the quaint little town of Aarhus. Open Space Aarhus provides the space and tools and you provide the ideas, technical skill and creativity.

    At NEXT 2011, Open Space Aarhus is showcasing some of the things built in the hackerspace: The robot Twitchy copies your arm movements from a Kinect and translate them to a robot arm. However, the translation is not completely smooth – the robot arm twitches in a Parkinson’s disease-like fashion. The Execution Decision Maker is helping you deal with those difficult decisions by randomly picking the YES or NO option displayed in LED. A simple Ding and Dong touchscreen allows you to press DIIING and DOOONG repeatedly and again and again and again.

    All the showcases have been designed and constructed by the members of Open Space Aarhus. Everybody can join the hackerspace – member fee is 150 DKK/month, which gets you free access to their facilities (with an access point of their own design) and tools. As a free member, you are allowed access, but don’t have your own key.

    At NEXT2011, you can make your own bristle bot (15 kr): At tiny robot made out of a bristle with a small vibrator and battery on top, allowing it to wringle around and move. Se the Bristlebot in action below.