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    Keynote by Matthias Hollwich, Architect / co-founder HWKN

    Matthias Hollwich, co-founder of architecture firm HWKN and architecture community Architizer, talks about the news ways of designing a house – architects using crowd-sourcing.

    Matthias starts out passing around three photo boards around and invites the audience to draw and infuse their ideas on top of the existing architecture: New Aging, Rising Sea Levels and Fun Sustainability.

    Matthias Hollwich wants to make the most dangerous nursing home of the planet: A nursing home where residents would rather go home to their communities, creating social life.

    Matthias Hollwich is one of the key persons behind BOOM – a bold new community. BOOM is about making a vivacious and engaging retiring home covering a whole neighbourhood. BOOM was commissioned by a group of investors who originally wanted Architizer to design the community. Instead, Hollwich says, Architizer wanted to kickstart the project. Hollwich was very specific in choosing the architect firms for the task: They should be curious, willing to collaborate and most importantly, never have done anything related to aging. Ten different architecture companies were handpicked for the task.

    Architecture is usually a very one-sided process where one architecture company is responsible for the whole product: It is expensive and the company is sitting in an ivory tower, hard to approach in the first place. Also, the most prestigious projects tend to be used only once, making architecture a very costly business model. In fact, only 5 pct. of homes in the US are designed by architects.

    The BOOM project makes architecture a process with no hierarchy, where ideas are being generated within the people. Every step of the process is visible for the public, allowing them to give the architects input. This gives the residents first hand insight and a feeling of ownership.

    So instead of making architecture a completely crowdsourced task like Architizer tried – no doubt an impossible feat – concepts like BOOM allows the architects to be in the driving seat, while they tap into the vast of crowd-generated knowledge.