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    iMobot is a modular robot you can reconfigure

    iMobot is a modular robot that twists and turns and crawls through the landscape.

    It is like the LEGO of robots: One module of iMobot works fine by itself, but it is when you put them together, real awesomeness ensues.

    A single module looks deceptively simple and crude, but iMobot actually has four degrees of freedom and can roll through the various terrains with ease. This makes it suitable for rescue missions where a camera can be hooked up to the end of a iMobot snake. The iMobot can then snake its way through debris and spaces inaccesible to humans.

    Currently, iMobot is used in robotics research. The modular concept allows researchers to add iMobot to their setups easily, without using time on research that have already been done.

    iMobot started at UC Davis when mechanical engineering student Graham Ryland was finishing his degree. He then founded the company Barobo with professor Harry H. Cheng where iMobot is currently being developed.