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    The next generation of charity collectors? This cute robot might replace human collectors

    Maybe you have been mildly annoyed by charity collectors who have confronted you on the street to collect money for their cause. Enter DON-8r. This small robot is so cute you want to hug it. DON-8r is maybe the next generation of charity collectors: It is not intruding your personal space or being in your face. Rather, Don-8R seems to gather the crowds.

    DON-8r runs on donations: By plopping a coin down its back slit, it thanks you and does a little dance by driving around. After 30 seconds, it stops.

    However, the real question is: How does DON-8r measure up against a human charity collector?

    The charity organization Folkekirkens Nødhjælp decided to put it to a test: DON-8r and a human charity worker battled in the streets of Aarhus. Each got 6 minutes to collect as much money as possible for the famine-stricken Horn of Africa.

    The result: While the human collector managed to raise 295 kr and a 25 øre-stamp, DON-8r got a respectable 185 kr. Also, the human collector was “lucky” to cash in a 100 kr-note from somebody he knew.

    DON-8r is designed by product designer Tim Pryde at University of Dundee as his final project. You can come see the cute robot at the NEXT2011 and donate to Folkekirkens Nødhjælp.