The world is going co-!

We co-create, co-develop, and co-operate in a fuller exploitation of resources. The world of tomorrow is running on social as its operating system and engine of growth.

Alfons is the resident Spanish champion of networking, or “connecting ideas through people” as he coined it when he was featured in Harvard Business Review spinoff Fast Company. He has built a global army of restless minds in the excess of 24,000 do-minded innovators that represent most top brands alive. Or co-workers as one could call it, because following a razorsharp analytical edge that has made Alfons predict and proact most major tech changes over the past two decades, he has dismissed “innovation” as a trend of the past and renamed rethinking “co-society”. At NEXT, Alfons will share the possibilities and pitfalls of a coming decade, where we will be smarting up everything – schools, health systems, product development, by working together, co-creating.

Clark Dodsworth



When phones get really, really smart

We ain’t seen nothing yet. Within 20 months, devices in our pockets will be context aware and hyperpersonalized. How do we bank on that in products and services? And what’s next? Get your map of the next digital goldrush in context awareness and dynamic data.

Clark has a pretty good idea about where things are going. He has consulted for Apple, shipped a virtual world, was part of the first location-aware retail startup, built strategies for simulator entertainment, and even spiced up a future theme park with augmented reality. For Phillips he co-authored the Ambient Intelligence paradigm that founded a new product generation, later taken to heart by the EU as a 3,7 bio EU tech program under the 6thFramework. Clark will share his insights into a product future that learns you…and your friends. It is hyperpersonalized, highly context aware, and realtime all the time, using predictive analytics to deliver unparalleled, always-on, augmented experience. Beam us up, Clark!

Darren Murph



Where tomorrow’s consumer electronics are going

Gadgets are no longer a luxury for the fortunate few; they’ve become engrained in our culture. The connected generation is upon us, and it’s the consumers who are largely leading the charge.

Darren is the Managing Editor of Engadget, a continually updated online publication that has been setting the pace for consumer electronics since 2004. Having attended technology trade shows all over the globe and reviewed countless devices in his 5+ years at the site, Darren is now tasked with taking a look at what the future holds for consumers. Expectations are changing. User interactions are evolving. Demands are shifting. It’s time to look at where the next boom in consumer usage is going to come from, and how innovative companies can be ready to meet those requirements.

David Polinchock



Great expectations!

The digital realm is forming landscapes, shopping habits, generations. From a digital pioneer and his sharp offspring comes a glimpse of realities and expectations for future bends on the road that gave us television, broadband and solar panels.

Some people just happen to be where all the action is, always. David is the kind of person who is in place to greet those people. Always ahead of the game. Graduating with the first batch off renowned MIT Media Lab tech genius production plant, David went on to make some of the first virtual reality applications, and later – in ‘94 – made smartphone-mock ups years before Palm put out their first PDA-product. He has worked on show with the Grateful Dead, founded brand building tech circus Brand Experience Lab and his very first employer was, unsurprisingly, the Walt Disney company. His latest job is with AT&T – you know, the ones that gave us television, broadband, and solar cells – where he heads up their latest lab. David will appear on stage, flanked by his daughter Sydney, and both will give their account of important tech to come and how to “get it”.




Towards a 3rd generation web

In its first two decades the web has had a profound impact on how we work and collaborate. With the emergence of HTML5 the web is poised to enter its 3rd major phase. What will this mean for how we work and play together?

Until he decided to make a Facebook for all things 3D, Henrik co-founded the Stanford Open Source Lab and directed Stanford University Humanities Lab working with top brands to explore possibilities in virtual environments. Still active at Stanford and very active in KataLabs, his own company that has been praised as a coming platform for sharing digital objects, Henrik comes to paint a portrait of the future of virtual goods, worlds, and phenomena and what massive impact it will have on our daily lives and businesses. Expect no mumbling academia speak from a man who used to live off his skills to outperform original AC/DC-tracks on stage!

Jake Dunagan



Think again

The brain is sexy. Neuroscience and advanced brain scanning offer new tools for re-thinking education, political systems, law, health care, and design. Society and economies will revolutionize by these neurocentric industries. Get your mind around that!

We’ve set foot on almost every inch of land on Earth but our own brains are still mostly a mystery. In the coming decade, the brain will become a major frontier of exploration and colonization, with neuroscientists leading the way. New ways to measure and map emotions, cognition, and decision-making at the neurological level will give us more powerful tools to build better health systems, improve education, deliver justice, re-design our political systems, and create persuasive environments. Indeed, “neuro” may be the trendy prefix of the ‘10s. Jake is a leading expert in the alternative futures of the brain, and will help us understand life in the Neurocentric Age.




Game on!

New waves of game-based structures, incentives and dramaturgy are about to enter media, products, services, and indeed the way we construct society. What to expect and how to jump on the merry-go-round.

Senior editor at Time Inc, famed largest magazine publisher in the US, Jason is on a bit of a mission. He is harnessing the power of play, new media, urban structures, sociology, capitalism, and at times even cross-religious thinking to combat some of the mounting obstacles we face as humans, businesses, media, nations and peoples. Combining front end games design and gaming mechanisms with insightful new media applications, Jason has successfully been hacking and remodeling the way we traditionally go about problem solving and developing. And now he has come to NEXT to share key findings from his game, and let us in on adventures, possibility maps, advice, and recipes. Time is up, folks!




Into the era of Bio

Life science, and all things bio, promise even greater revolutions for businesses, organizations, and countries than the digital age. Get the full bio-picture.

Mark has the best and most informed overview of opportunities and perspectives in the rising field of “bio”.  Bio being for the next decade what IT was for the previous. He has launched and leads the bioscience unit with Lux Research, a leading research company on emerging technologies that is active in more than 20 countries, servicing some of the largest corporate structures in the world. Mark took the jump from the role of a leading expert on IT, as principal analyst with Forrester Research, to BIO, as he could see that future IT innovations simply didn’t match the potential of bioscience, where we move from programming software to essentially programming DNA. A regular guest with CNN, Nature, Financial Times and Wall Street Journal, Mark is an expert at getting the message across.

Matteo Sardi



The end of perfection – megabrands in the microworld of tomorrow

We want brands we can talk to, products we can affect and decisions we can influence. How do brands navigate in a world of constant dialogue, customer friendships and mass media in the hands of everyone?

Matteo is an adamant spokesperson for ‘people over processes’. His interests in the Human Factor was grounded by a degree in social studies, nurtured at the London School of Economics and has later been taken to the market place with positions at MTV Europe, reporting on fashion and design trends for the network’s show Stylissimo, and 10 years of marketing and communication experience working in luxury. Matteo has a precise understanding of the finer psychomechanics of the market place, one he currently exercises rigorously as Founding Partner with fashion rising star WonderMode.com and as Communication Head with renowned megabrand Ferrari. Come for a peep under the hood, where Matteo adjusts the tunes of one of the world’s best promoted and maintained brands that retains a position as the world’s most valuable brand without ever spending a penny on advertising. Perhaps not surprisingly, Matteo is now enrolling in the psychoanalytic training program at Center for Modern Psychoanalytic Studies in New York City. Take a spin.




Next reality architecture

Houses that generate energy from self-reinforcing algae membranes, community housing designed with and by the community, ageless ageing in future cities. Welcome to a new era in architecture.

Key NYC networker, frontrunner in a reinvention of aging, pathfinding architect, pioneer on living technology, and simply the greatest guy you could wish to meet. Matthias is something as rare as a visionary whose ideas are being realized, pushing boundaries in relations between buildings, technology, nature, and the people that “move in”. From a past as star pup with Rem Koolhas, Matthias has rocketed to a stardom that exceeds architecture, building the firm HWKN that has renowned designer network Architizer (300,000+ likes on FB!) on its conscience and recently landed a 500 USD mio building that offers a new way of looking at urban life. You can catch Matthias at TED, in the pages of NY Times, hanging out with Obama – or at NEXT!

Nicholas Nova



Wrong is the new right

Recurring failures are a surprising road to beautiful mistakes and future products. From a leading researcher in patterns of succesful wrongdoing and explorer in new tech paths comes a look at the grand past of wrongs and a glimpse of future failures with great potential.

Nicholas is one of Europe’s foremost tech thinkers in the rules of the new digital reality. “Explorer” would be a more apt description as he explores human needs, motivations and contexts to map new opportunities for engineers and designers. He is a regular guest at top research facilities in Europe and USA with a keen eye for how developments can find a suitable product or service form. In his free time, he collects video game controllers and peculiar interfaces dug up at flea markets here and there.




Beyond the greens

Sustainability reaches past marketing as the smart organizations get ready to go sincere and address the exploding market that demands truer products and services. Get the tools, rules and new norms.

This man is an amazing fountain of ideas and no-bullshit takes on the otherwise BS-rich green domain that has offered many a green bath for brands that do more talk than walk. Until recently, Ted championed famous idea/design agency IDEO’s green field as lead for their Energy domain. As such, he has led, implemented, and audited the sustainability programs for Starbucks and worked with the US government to create a national sustainable agriculture initiative. Ted has an eye for business proof sustainability and “green” productification, a heart for effecting lasting change, and speaks his mind eloquently. Institutions like NASA and the World Economic Forum have previously benefitted from meanderings of “The Ted”.



Business in new ways!

Creativity in Business – how the Google innovation DNA fosters new ways of thinking and world class performance.

Tom will elaborate from the inside of Google, how to keep a radical innovation engine running on creativity. Get new perspectives on the Google innovation DNA – and first hand lessons from the man who ignites one of Googles (extremely) creative Labs. Besides being skilled at creative business strategy – Tom´s interests are containing all from data visualisation, real‑time marketing, musical AR apps, 3D projection mapping, the future of books, and digital creative strategy – we are indeed ready to learn how to boost our ability to think differently, by this icon in modern business.