The 2018 Aarhus Festival has been announced

If you love art and entertainment, you will have a blast at the Aarhus festival. This event takes place annually and for 10 days, it fills the city with laughter and joy. Aarhus is located in Denmark and hosts about half a million tourists during festival days. It’s no secret this country is quite expensive, which is why you should think about ways to supplement your income so that you can afford the trip.

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The programme for the 2018 edition is yet to be announced but we do know when it will take place. You are invited to Aarhus to enjoy the festival between August 31st and September 9th, 2018.

Aarhus is the second largest city in Denmark, being a frontrunner for the use of wind energy. In fact, the entire festival is powered 100% by this type of renewable energy source, thus making it the first WindMade cultural event in the entire world.

The theme is, as the organizers call it, “bridging.” The executive director describes it as connectivity, correlation that enables people to develop trust in one another. The theme was set back in 2017 and was meant for the first time in the festival’s tradition to cover 3 years. So, 2018 is the second time we’ll see projects about “bridging” on a small and a large scale.

The festival takes place in several locations across Aarhus, both public places like parks and indoor venues such as galleries and theatres. Many events, especially the ones held outdoors, are free, while others are not. For example, last year, the ticket to see a theatre show within the festival had a price of 30 Danish Krone, the equivalent of 3.5 British pounds.

2017 Programme

If you have never been to this festival before, it’s only natural to want to know more before scheduling it in your limited vacation days. Since it’s going to be a while until the new programme will be released, you can only look at last year’s edition. The theme will not change, so the 2017 programme will give you a fair idea of what to expect.

The festival began with a public exhibition of architecture that can “move” (hence the name of Architecture Moves) us as human beings. Another interesting activity was the transformation of Vesterbro Square, a main traffic node for the city into an oasis of peace and relaxation.

There was a huge scaffold shaped like a staircase that led to a garden on top. From there, a waterfall dropped to the street to contrast with the noise of the passing cars. This was a statement for green city development.

There were also music events. For example, Mølleparken was turned into a huge stage where local talents performed for several days. The concerts were very diverse, starting from Royal Academy music to hip hop and of course, rock songs.

Other modern themes were presented through art exhibitions. For example, there was one called Future Feminism. They basically displayed 13 big pink marble plates, each inscribed with a statement that was meant to strengthen collective female consciousness.

Another modern art representation was the photography exhibition of Mayumi Hosokura from Japan and AdeY from the UK. Their photos depicted naked models, both male and female. Their faces were often hidden in an attempt to emphasise the body, regardless of its gender.