Keynote by Matteo Sardi, Head of Communication at Ferrari

Matteo Sardi is Head of Communication at Ferrari, which holds one of the strongest brands worldwide. At NEXT he shares his grains of communication gold.

Sardi pinpoints the importance of making a great first impression on digital media. Social media, such as Facebook, has gradually been a great way to release product news and communicate with customers. Sardi points out how picking the right media is a basis before communicating with customers.

Make people talk
After choosing the appropriate social media, Sardi recommends an accurate media strategy, where first impression will matter for a long time. Posting exciting and relevant stories that will get in circulation throughout the web will appeal to the customers’ curiosity and keep the story hot and boiling for a long time.

Involvement both online and offline
Keeping a story alive and kicking is not only a matter of online activity. Creating real life events and contests are a way of linking the digital medias with offline engagement. Ferrari has engaged their fans by opening a contest, where the participants had to design their own Ferrari online through the car manufacturer’s website in order to take part in the contest and potentially win favorable prizes.

Listen to your fans
Sardi wraps up his talk by mentioning “social listening”. Brands have to listen to their customers and fans in order to engage in social media – without listening and acting on positive and negative comments online from their followers, a company will not be able to fully act on the behalf of the social media rules. A failure which can make a brand loose its credibility.

Ferrari sure knows how to act wisely on social media – without spending a penny!