Keynote by Mark Bünger, Research Director of LUX

Mark Bünger is the Research Director of LUX. Besides researching green buildings and alternative energy, Bünger is into biochemistry.

In fact he is so much into biochemistry that he wants to convince the participants at NEXT about it.  By teaming people together two on two, the participants are ought to look each other in the eyes, touch each other’s cheeks – and thereby experiencing their own natural biochemical reactions; racing heartbeat, laughter, cheeks turning red. Biochemistry ignites your visual communication and pushes you out of your comfort zone!

Copy/paste your genes
Bünger thinks we can learn a lot from a software developer’s way of thinking. When a software developer builds a program, he copies and pastes pieces of code from one end of the program to another. That’s exactly what we can do with our genes – copy/paste genes in between each other to regenerate body parts.

Biochemistry can make the blind see again
The mindset of software developers will also let human beings discover how body parts are constructed and developed. By trying to make a bug grow multiple eyes – and failing the project – scientists discovered how an eye is build and developed. A quite interesting discovery for blind people, as the scientist might figure out how to grow new eyes for sightless human beings.

Biochemistry is not a beautiful mistake
Mark Bünger argues that biochemistry is not a beautiful mistake. Biochemistry – unlike for example the discovery of the microwave oven – is a simple process of trying again and again until coming up with reliable answers.